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About John Padlo

From an early age art and design have fascinated me. As a child I always wondered what it would like to be an artist. With time this interest never went away and my pull toward the visual arts only got stronger. At the age 25 I started to take art classes and found myself growing as an artist each year. I eventually started to work professionally in the graphic art industry and found myself in love with all it has to offer.

I started my design career working for two promotional marketing distributors as a designer and photographer. I spent five years with those companies before moving onto my own freelance design business. I spent eight years as a freelance artist and I supported over 300 promotional marketing clients.

In 2011 I was offered employment at a fragrance company, and for five years I was a part of their marketing department. My photography and creative work flow skills were used to manage a photography team which was responsible for three brands. Those brands included, the core fragrance product, a small food line, and a fashion line containing over 800 products.

in 2016 I returned to where I feel most comfortable. Once again I am available to help small businesses elevate their brands, as well as larger companies enhance their marketing efforts or creative overflows.

I provide over 20 years experience in the graphic arts industry with a focus on promotional marketing, print design, and product photography.

My project management, creative work flow, design, print, and photography experience can help any business or creative team grow. I can contribute in enhancing the quality of your designs, efficiency, and timely deliverables.

I always strive for:


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It's a pleasure to work with John on behalf of our clients. On time, within budget and, best of all, first-rate work.
-- Peter Hannaford, Hannaford Enterprises, Inc.

We have utilized John Padlo's services for years. He does a terrific job understanding our requirements, on time and on budget.
-- Chris Duncan, President, Integrated Impressions, Inc.

John is truly part of our team here at BreakThru (or our distributorship if u don't want to use names). He is so much more than an independent contractor - he is our art department and Brand Manager. We have worked together for years and John always ceases to amaze me with his dedication and loyalty. He cares about our business in a way that makes him one of the most valuable resources we have and his skills and depth of knowledge are irreplaceable.
-- Nadine Lewandowski, President, Breakthru Marketing.

John Padlo is where I turn to for quality work, creativity and timeliness on my projects.  John has the ability for quick turnarounds if you are in a crunch .  John's work is exceptional   he takes his work personally and doesn't just do his job.  He enjoys what he does and so it is not a job, its a passion.  The value of his graphics...wonderful. Lastly, he is enjoyable to work with and always available and honest.
-- Elena Johnson, Owner, Southwest Advertising & Promotions.

Thanks John for your professional service, quick turnaround time, accurate work and very reasonable prices.  It's a pleasure to work with you.
-- Lisa Byxbee, Sales Rep, Marketing Connections, Honolulu.

I have used John Padlo for multiple print jobs.  In each case, I provided the concept, basic layout and content and John Padlo came back with professional, clean and beautiful print-ready files.  His artistic acumen and familiarity of the graphic design software allows him to produce superior work in less time.  Not only that, he has relationships with large print shops that offer lower prices than I've been able to find anywhere else.  Thank you, John, for helping me produce highly effective marketing pieces for less money than my competition! 
-- Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Tactical Execution.

John Padlo has served as a graphic arts resource for Builder Promotions for over 15 years.  His graphics services have been used for our trade advertising, email marketing, direct mail programs and website imaging. He understands our goals and accomplishes what is required quickly at an extremely good value. 
-- Steve Bridges, President, Builder Promotions 

John Padlo was a exactly what I needed!  An immediate solution to my sudden problem - I needed promotional flyers designed, printed, and shipped to me yesterday.  John didn't build me a time-machine, but he came damn close.  I got awesome looking prints fast, and at a great price.  Thank you John! 
-- Josh Sauberman